Friday, October 24, 2008

Of course I'm getting my beehind kicked

After writing my post on HDYDI this week about how things are getting easier with twins at 2 1/2, the boys decided to kick my beehind the last two nights. I mean, they really kicked it big time.
Listening ears? Not one to be found in the house.

Rejection of all foods yet constant whining for veggie corn dogs? Yep!

Cooperation? Not on a single thing from wake up to bed time. In fact, imagine the exact opposite of cooperation. Imagine two children running away from me whenever I asked them to do something. Yep.
Fighting? Yes, oh yes.

Tantrums? Um, yes.

Fake tantrums? Yep. That's a new one in the house. Thanks Nate.

But toddlers are crazy. They go from evil devils to sweetie pies in the blink of an eye. I ate some potstickers for dinner and they thought chopsticks were hilarious. That's when I realized they've never seen chopsticks. They were giggling watching me eat with chopsticks.

So you know I got out more and you know they were TWO CUTE trying to eat some (no-preservative yukon gold baked) tater tots with chopsticks.

Nate actually tried to use them correctly...

while Alex immediately figured out how to use them efficiently.

PS. A picture of Jon made it to HDYDI this week. Twin dads RULE.


Heidi O said...

Oh boy sounds like one of those weeks for all of us in our little blog world.

I hope the boys start listening. I do like the efficient use of the chopstick!

lesleysmeshly said...

NnnnOOOOOoo! You can't get my hopes up like that and then bust my happy bubble.!! I'm just going to pretend I never read this post and continue on in my obliviousness. =) Hopefully things will get back to better soon.

BB and MTB said...

But with all that cuteness, does the rest just not fade away as if it never happened? I love the chopstick pics... too funny!

Joanna said...

I cringed when I read you happy toddler post, but I figured you knew it would come back to bite you on the butt.

Shawn said...

let's see ... hmm ... how to say this nicely: get ready. let me put it this way -- my lack of blogging has nothing to do with working full-time. : )

hugs, more hugs and many more hugs to send your way when you need them because I TOTALLY get it. and, to be honest, it's gotten worse as we inch closer to 3.

Julie said...

Ouch! Sorry its been a rough week for you. Hope the weekend gets better.

Lana uses chopsticks to eat noodles and does surprisingly well. With other foods, she will throw the chopsticks on the floor and use her fingers (and then get a time out for throwing things at the table).

Libby said...

We frequent our local Pei Wei and they have these cool plastic chopstick holder things for kids that Alex loves. Pick some up next time you're out getting chinese... totally genius.


mames said...

is that not the way of it? just when i 'get comfortable' they shake things up. like start waking at 5 a.m. again. ouch.

i love that you were able to give us both sides though. the chop sticks are adorable. i handed the 'kids' pair to owen while in b/b/and beyond awhile ago, and he broke em. of course. guess 1 1/2 is a little early, huh?

Amy said...

I almost commented on your hdydi post, but I figured why not let her enjoy the moment:) Its sooo true though, once you get into a good routine, they go and switch the world upside down and show you who's really in charge;) I try not to say it out loud anymore when things are going well and just relish the good times and pray for the other times to pass quickly and be forgotten. but every day, overall, does get a little bit better.