Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Product review: Mobi Tykelights

We found Mobi TykeLights at Babies R Us and they were an immediate hit with the boys. Our previous bedtime routine became unnecessarily complicated as the boys improved their stalling techniques. They each required 5 kisses (capped at 5 to stop the requests for more kisses, more kisses), 5 hugs (see previous note on kisses), fix the big blanket, fix the baby blanket, blow kisses from the door, and then catch kisses.

Now the boys run to get their Mobi and get into bed. No more stalling techniques. They talk about Mobi before they go to bed. They want to bring Mobi downstairs. Nate gives Mobi high-fives and Alex gives Mobi hugs. Suffice it to say I love Mobi.

My favorite part of Mobi? Seeing them on the video monitor! Can you find them?

I think a crazy part of being a toddler parent is how you learn to understand their crazy language. An even crazier part of parenting toddler twins is that you can easily pick out each twin's voice and cries over the monitor. Let me translate what you just heard in the video above:

Alex: h i j k l m o n p q r s
Nate: What's daddy doing?
Alex: Ummmmm daddy..
Nate: He's working
Alex: Daddy not working
Nate: Dad is working
Alex: Daddy not working
something unintelligible, Nate mumbling because he loves to talk and sometimes his mouth can't keep up with his brain
Nate: He (Mobi) hug (Nate then hugs Mobi)


Mrs. Merriman said...

OMG soooooo cute! I've been wanting to get Ben (and Daisy) one of these.. thanks for sharing!

Beth said...

Guess I'll be going to ToysRUs this weekend! I love hearing their conversation! Thanks for the translation. LOL!

-Bridget said...

So adorable. They communicate so well with each other!

Kelly said...

I found our Mobi at Sam's club when Levi was about 8 months old and we love it!!! He slept with Mobi at first but now Mobi sits next to his bed. So cute :)