Tuesday, February 05, 2008

A letter to Cupid before Valentine's Day

Dear Cupid,

My husband is one of the kindest people you will ever meet. Everyone who has ever met him comments on how nice he is. When I switched to an organic deodorant without chemical anti-perspirants, he said, "I don't think that hippie deodorant is working for you." He is so nice he tells people they smell in a nice way. It would be my proudest achievement if my two sons were to be even one-tenth as gentle and sweet as Jon.

Here's the problem Cupid, and I blame it all on you. Women in their 30s and women with kids love Jon. They think I am lucky to have such an involved spouse. This is the kind of man they want to marry. But this is the man they passed up in their teens and 20s because he wasn't a bad boy. He was too nice. He was too kind. He was dependable. He was "just a friend." He spent a lot of years alone before I came along.

Cupid, you have a few years to change your ways. All I ask is when Nate and Alex get to dating age, can you ensure girls finally like good guys? Can you please oh please make sure there are girls out there who like these qualities of Jon's:

* Intelligent
* Well-spoken
* Respectful of women
* Good manners
* Successful career
* Committed to being an equal partner
* Nice gentle sweet kind caring

It would break my heart to see Nate and Alex have a hard time finding love because they end up like their dad. It would break my heart to have Nate and Alex get their hearts broken if they turn out this amazing. And it would also break my heart if my boys were missing any of the above traits.

Cupid, can you help a mother out?


This letter is part of a group writing project started by Shawn of Between the Lines. If you have something to say to Cupid this month, post it on your blog and let Shawn know.


Beth said...

Awww Laura, how sweet. But honestly, if being like their dad means they will end up with a woman like you--who clearly sees the value in and appreciates the nice guys--then there won't be any problems. I'm sure Jon thinks you were well worth the wait!

Shawn said...

Awesome letter! So true ... so true. Thanks for participating. And, puh-leeze, don't compare thee with Bella ... everyone's submission last time was AWESOME. Bella just has a way of standing out, is all. : )

Goddess in Progress said...

Hey Laura, it's Liz from Goddess in Progress. So, I was thinking about starting up sort of a multi-contributor blog just for moms/parents of multiples. Any interest in being one of the writers? Drop me an email at goddessinprogress(dot)blog(at)gmail(dot)com and we can chat more about specifics.

Angela said...

Loved it Laura!!

bella said...

this was sweet.
I loved it.
and related.
having a son, I want him to grow up to be kind and respectful and generous of heart. AND, I want him to get a date. :)
I may just be forwarding this one along to Cupid, on my own behalf.

Jena Strong said...

Great letter. I married a nice guy, too. Thank God I met him when he was thirty and not a day earlier!