Monday, December 17, 2007

Toddlers are exhausting

I am particuarly beat the last couple of weeks. The double whammy of canines and vomiting virus has meant a lot of interrupted sleep in our house. Work has been incredibly busy as I have a big deadline this week. December means Christmas preparations, which Jon and I have learned means lots of toy assembly and gift wrapping. But the icing on the cake is this 18-24 month stage, times two.

When the boys were newborns, there was always something to do. If one baby was content, it seemed like the other always needed something. This current phase is starting to feel like that for three reasons.

1. We need to almost constantly supervise the boys. We spent hours babyproofing the office and tried to enjoy it this weekend. I turned my back to check my email for less than 5 minutes. I turned around to find Alex standing inside the train table drawer and Nate standing on top of the train table. Then Nate picked up a toy and cracked Alex in the head with it with no warning.

2. Their attachment to me means I rarely get a break when they are around. If I lay on the couch, they run over and say, "Up!" If I sit on the rocking chair, they run over and say, "Rock!" If I am around, they want to be touching me, near me, listening to me read stories, sitting on my lap, being held, playing with me. I love it, I mean I really love it. I love seeing all the love I've given them come right back at me. But it makes me sad that when I want a few minutes of downtime, I have to be away from them. And being an introvert, I need a lot of downtime to recharge.

3. "Listening ears" were completely missing this weekend. I love that phrase from day care. I could have had a megaphone shouting orders and they still would not have listened. While I love their inquisitiveness and independence, some days obedience is really nice!

Anyway, this is a really long way of saying I have no new pictures and I'd love a megaphone for Christmas.


Joanna said...

I'm so glad to read that. It makes Whitney look normal. We are going through the same thing around here and I'm an intovert, too!

bella said...

If the megaphone works, I'm getting one pronto!

Stacie said...

I second Joanna. It is SO NICE to read that other people find toddlers overwhelming and want some recharge time.