Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas picture overload

This Christmas was fantastic. It's nice that our house is finally starting to look like a home!

Nate and Alex got to indulge in a Fargo treat for the first time - chocolate covered potato chips. They luuuvvvved them. It's now a four person fight to finish the box.

Santa brought a very special present for the boys - a play kitchen. The play kitchen is in the real kitchen so the boys have something to occupy them when mom and dad are trying to cook. Santa is so smart to bring a present for everyone.

It took hours for the boys to open gifts. They would open a gift then play with it for a long time. They didn't quite "get" opening presents.

One toy they loved is an animal hospital. Nate really liked listening to the animals while Alex really like shoving the animals back in their cages.

Alex could not get enough of the animal hospital. He walked around with the syringe giving everyone "yummy yummy" (motrin).

The boys also got wooden puzzles, which fit perfectly onto their little play table. Much to our surprise, Alex rocks puzzles and Nate already knew the word for puzzle.

And what is Christmas morning without a fight over a toy? I hope Santa remembers to bring everything EXACTLY THE SAME next year!

It's hard to believe that a year has passed since Nate and Alex's first Christmas. Our house saw so many changes and so much happiness since last year. Last Christmas, the boys had just learned to sit. Now they are such interesting little people.

Most importantly, look how WELL-RESTED we look this year!!! And we (almost) know what we are doing as parents!

The only thing missing from this Christmas was four faces smiling at the camera. Maybe next year!

I'll be back for a New Year's resolution post. Until then, this cuteness will have to tide you over.


lesleysmeshly said...

They are absolutely adorable!!! Have a nice, relaxing week!!

DesiDVM said...

It looks like you all had a great Christmas - the house definitely looks very "homey". I love the play kitchen - that is one of the cooler ones I've seen...and of course they love the animal hospital, who wouldn't (I couldn't resist:).

Shawn said...

Wow, that's fantastic! You all look so very happy.

As soon as our tree went up this year, I instantly felt out of sorts with clutter ... I had gotten so used to how clean everything had been while trying to sell the house. I am looking forward to returning to that feeling.

Merry Christmas week!

Libby said...

Merry Christmas! Love the last photo of the boys hugging. We of course have that veterinary hospital toy too, and it awhile for Alex to figure out the keys, but once he did, it was like a whole new toy, and he still plays with it.

CamiGirl'sMom said...

Aww!! That first pic of your home is amazingly beautiful!! Looks like a Christmas card. Anyway..hehe! The boys look so handsome as always,even fighting over toys. Your camera takes great pics as well.

Teresa said...

So cute! The boys look like they had a great Christmas and aren't you just loving this age?? They discover things and know things you didn't know they knew every day! The boys are adorable as ever. All the best to you in 2008! -Teresa mommy to Kaitlyn (also a May 2006 baby)

Erin said...

What adorable little friends they are! Those sweater pics are priceless. Can't wait to hear your resolutions!

bella said...

The kisses.
The cuteness.
Those irresistible chubby cheeks.
These pics make me smile.
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.
Happy New YEAR.