Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Turning Japanese

Not only did Kaylyn send some awesome shirts for the boys, she sent little Japanese outfits. The boys' increasing verbal comprehension continues to astound me. After getting Nate dressed I said to him, "You look so cute! Let me take your picture!" and he started posing and saying, "Cheese."

And of course when Alex saw Nate getting attention for doing something, Alex suddenly started saying Cheese! and smiling for the camera. This is a good omen for our family photo shoot in a couple of weeks.

Then I asked Nate to give Alex a kiss. I don't think they understood because this particular kiss is a little more French than Japanese.


Megan said...

LOL! What a riot! What hams you have there! What gorgeous gifts!

gLobeY said...


Those 2 cuties are beyond adorable! Love the kiss!

(globey on Babycenter)

Stacie said...

What adorable sweetnesses!

AmberP said...

I honestly would enjoy eating your children RIGHT up... RIGHT NOW!!! Those are great shirts... and your little men are stinkin' adorable:)

Eva said...

That kissing photo is hilarious. They are really sweet.