Monday, October 22, 2007

Pumpkin patch pictures

Instead of going to a traditional pumpkin patch, Jon and I took Nate and Alex to a pumpkin farm. There were so many different things to do and see - farm animals, a hay maze, hayrides, a cotton field, a hay mountain, a corn maze, and of course pumpkins.

It's hard to describe how excited Nate gets when he sees animals. He screeches and squeals and points and laughs out loud. It's something you have to experience first-hand to fully enjoy.

We should have paid attention to Alex's f-you look when we got in the wagon for the hayride.

Poor little Alex was scared to death on the hayride. He sat clinging to me the entire time. No more hayrides for awhile, I promise my sweetpea.

After fun on the rest of the farm, it was time to pick out our pumpkins.

Who knew pumpkin patches were so much fun?!

P.S. Totally sweet shirts were gifts from Kaylyn in Japan.


Megan said...

I LOVE the pics and the shirts! It looks like you even had fall weather! You and Jon are good photographers! (And have great subjects)

BB and MTB said...

Those are 2 cute boys, and the pumpkin farm looks awesome!

Drea said...

love their shirts, those are so adorable. and look at them pick those pumpkins!

Joanna said...

What handsome little devils you have!