Monday, October 15, 2007

Best days

Before kids, the best days of my life were events - my wedding, my college graduation, running a marathon. Yesterday was one of the best days of my life, but there was no big event. We had a perfect family day. I felt like I was always smiling or laughing. It was one of those days you wish you could relive over and over.

First we went to the state fair. Morning sickness prevented us from going two years ago and twin newborns prevented us from going last year. We stopped by the children's play area first. Nate walked right up to all the characters to say hello while Alex was a little more shy. Nate gave the kangaroo a hug but a kid ran in front of my camera when I snapped a picture of it!

We had a lot of great fair foods - fresh lemonade, funnel cake, ham biscuits (NC fair specialty), roasted corn, and fried snickers.

We ran into some friends (which is crazy considering how busy the fair is) and went to the petting zoo. Alex was scared to death, but Nate was SO excited. He was screeching and laughing and petting them all. Jon and I were both too afraid to feed the camels, but I was brave enough to put some carrots in Nate's palm and let NATE feed the camels. He also fed a lot of different animals and got to hear me say "GENTLE! GENTLE!"

We also walked around to various livestock places to see the cows, horses, goats, and pigs. The boys loved seeing all the animals. They also really enjoyed watching the rides.

Jon and I took the boys on the big slide, not realizing how 1. how big it is and 2. how FAST it is. Alex and I caught air on the third hump of the ride, and Alex tried to cry but was too stunned and shocked to make any noise. The lines were crazy at the rest of the kiddie rides so we decided to wait until next year.

The boys crashed around 12:30 in their stroller so we headed home. I think the trip was worth waiting two years!

After a very long nap for everyone, it was 80 and sunny so we went to a new park. There was a really gorgeous nature trail leading to the park. Have I mentioned all the trees in NC?

This park has an awesome toddler playground so we'll be heading back there. This toy is perfect for Nate and Alex because Nate is great at rocking and Alex is great at riding.

We went out for pizza at a new place afterwards but the boys didn't like it (Jon and I loved it!). When we got home, the boys ate applesauce and yogurt ALL BY THEMSELVES! With spoons and bowls! It was a mess but they were so excited.

The boys were covered with yogurt so we took their shirts off. They were both in fantastic moods, laughing and playing. Nate has started putting things on his arm and saying "Bye" to us... I think it's from watching women with purses on their arms say good-bye at day care. Here's Nate and Alex demonstrating how they can say bye... Alex a little louder than Nate.

And this clip demonstrates how much energy you need to play with a toddler... and we have TWO of them.

Last but not least, the boys playing by chasing each other through the house while Alex demonstrates his maniacal laugh. What a perfect way to end a perfect day!


Lindsay said...

What a great post! We had a fabulous time with JTC this weekend, too. Maybe 17 months is a magic age? Loved seeing your videos, and the picture of Nate running on the nature trail is so idyllic!

Lindsay said...

Coming back to add: I think this is one of the best things about blogging. Your "normal" day would never have made it into a baby book, but now you have such a wonderful record of a day in their lives. Love it.

Megan said...

Laura, this had me laughing out loud at work! What a great post! The boys seem to really enjoy playing with one another! And the pumpkins on the heads combined with the shovels? Too funny.

AmberP said...

I agree with Lindsay - these sorts of days are so easy to forget but now you have a forever memory of it! I just love Jon telling the boys to use their inside voices, that is like a classic line at our house!!!

What a wonderfully-fantastic day is sounds like you all had. And I am very very jealous of the weather you are having I might add!

Eva said...

It does sound like a great day! I totally agree, those normal days are the best now... of course, for 1 year olds, every day is full of new and exploration and firsts, so every day is like a big event!

I had all kinds of summer things I wanted to do this year after not being able to last year on bedrest, so I also hear you on the state fair thing.

Your boys are so cute!

Joanna said...

That post was AWESOME. Totally made me laugh.