Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Pictures from our trip to Denver

I even got all fancy and put captions on the photos!

PS. Ack. This is my first time using Picasa. Click on the picture.

Denver trip


Joanna said...

Ahhh! It goes by so quickly I can hardly take it all in!
You look very pretty at the wedding...

Lindsay said...

Gorgeous photos! Isn't it amazing to see yourself with makeup and dressed up every once and a while? And husbands in suits - yea!

Oh, and add to the "random things we have in common" list: we have that same Handle Hauler ride-on toy in your Father's Day post.

LauraC said...

Lindsay - Dressed up in dry-clean only clothes, I might add! Nate *finally* stopped spitting up once we stopped bottles and were on 100% table food.

We don't have the ride-on toy... that was Cash's toy. We won't be buying it either because Nate was scooting around on it, Alex started pushing and Nate almost did a faceplant onto concrete. Too dangerous for twins.

Sigh. Nate looked so cute riding it!

Mrs. Merriman said...

Great photos!! Looks like fun was had by all :D Isn't it nice to dress up like a grown up? You looked glowing, too. Or was that the booze?!?