Sunday, June 10, 2007

Life of the party

When Nate was really little, I felt guilty that he required so much of our time to keep him happy. I felt like Alex got shortchanged in the deal. I went to the new mom outreach at my local twins group to talk about this. They assured me it evens out over time - some periods one child will need more attention and other periods the other child will need more attention. It was hard for me to believe at the time that Alex would eventually need more attention than Nate, just as it was hard for me to believe they would ever sleep through the night or do anything other than sleep, eat, poop and cry.

We have a bazillion errands to run in preparation for our trip to Denver this week and the weather is very hot. It was in the high 90s + humidity Friday and Saturday... way too hot outside for little ones to play. We went to a mall that also has an indoor playground so the kids could play, we could shop, and we could eat. Nate and Alex loved my cinnamon sugar pretzel much more than they liked their plain no salt pretzel. Surprise surprise.

Alex is the little life of the party at playgrounds and day care. He has always been so observant, which apparently taught him to run around to every kid on the playground checking them out, saying hello, and trying to play with them. One kid loved playing with him so much that the kid kissed Alex right on the nose. He seems to forget he is just 12 months old and barely walking. He was running everywhere, playing with everything, talking to everyone, and trying to get into the action. He also ran up to adults and talked to them, all smiles and grabbing them when he stumbled walking.

Jon and I typically run a man-to-man defense when we're out with the kids. We had to switch to zone because neither of us is in good enough shape to keep up with Alex. So I guess I am happy to report Alex finally needs more attention than Nate? He fell asleep in the car before we left the parking lot.

Play hard, sleep hard.

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