Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Happy belated Father's Day to Jon

I've heard a bazillion people say their husband is the greatest partner/husband/father. This is impossible as Jon is the best. THE BEST. You will never meet a nicer person than Jon. He will do anything for the people he loves. He has the kindest heart and the sweetest temperament. He is the definition of quiet strength.

This first year being parents (and parents to twins at that) was very hard on our marriage. It's not that we were ever mean or hateful, we were just too tired to muster up extra love and attention for each other. At the wedding this weekend, the minister said, "There are times in your marriage when you will get through on true grit." I cried because when we got married, I thought the true grit times would be 20-30 years in the future.

At the same time, I cried because I remembered the optimism of our wedding day. That day, we both dreamt we would grow old together in a warm climate in a house we love filled with laughter of kids. We had no idea those dreams would be realized less than two years in our future. Every day, I wake up feeling so lucky. Life is so good, I want to freeze time and savor these moments.

I get so damn sappy about Jon. But none of this happiness, this amazing life, this truly incredible experience would be possible without him. Nate and Alex have no idea how lucky they are. I can't imagine a better father to my children and I can't imagine a better husband. Happy Father's Day sweetie, you more than earned that title this year.


Beth said...

What a wonderful tribute to Jon! And great pictures to boot. Can't wait to hear more about the trip. And thanks for the reminder that I never did a tribute for Ed! Poor guy--he had a pretty rough weekend and it isn't over yet. He took yesterday and today off of work so he could get a lot done around the house. Well, you saw how yesterday ended. And today, William had to stay home because he has a slight fever and loose poops. Poor Ed! Anyway, glad you're back!

Joanna said...

The beautiful thing is, Nate and Alex WILL realize how lucky they are, later on in life. They will look back with such gratitude.