Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Gunning for Mother of the Year

What's better parenting? Saying "Nice try sucker" when Alex tries to throw his sippy cup onto Nate's tray and misses? Or laughing hysterically when Nate leans over at the end and burps? You make the call.

Two notes on this video:
1. Of course Alex doesn't say "all done" the one freaking time I try to capture it on video.
2. Nate and Alex broke one of the high chair trays. I guess we're done with high chairs.

1 comment:

Beth said...

Too cute! I think the "Nice try, sucka" comment qualifies you for sure. At our house, the meal ends when William starts throwing his food on the floor. It's a lovely habit, really. Makes me crazy. I have to stand there and dole out the food a little at a time so when he's done, there won't be anything to throw. What a stinker!