Friday, June 22, 2007

Another Friday Gumbo

* Nate's fifth and sixth teeth are popping through, top left and right. No crying or night waking because of this set. KNOCK ON WOOD. And cross my fingers.

* Nate slept on a mat for a nap at day care yesterday. The boys visited the BIG BOY room and had a blast playing on the playground.

* Alex fake-cried this morning when I was changing his clothes. I copied him (boo hoo hoo) and of course he wanted to copy me. He laid on the changing table copying me copying him, but somehow it made him smile?

* Alex has started to insist on feeding himself with a spoon. It makes an even more insane mess than ever, but it's a start on the road to independence.

* Nate's walking is getting better every day. Alex swaggers back and forth when he walks. Nate prances, lifting his legs up high. He sometimes lifts them so high he loses his balance and starts high-stepping it backwards. Hilarious. I have yet to get a good video.

* I never posted the boys' 13 month chair photo. We were in Denver so the chair was different. These chair photos were quite hilarious... I will get around to picking out my faves soon.


Jon said...

Jazz Hands!

Cathy said...

I love Jazz hands!! I love your little boys! I love the photo!