Thursday, February 22, 2007

Pictures from Grandma Roxane's visit

It was so nice to have Roxane visit. For some reason, this visit it hit me how much easier (and fun!) things would be if we had family nearby. So if anyone wants to visit, let me know because we'd love to see you and the boys are a riot right now.

This is Nate after he woke up from his monster nap after ear surgery. Can you tell this child just had surgery?! Nate never ceases to surprise me, which is awesome. And to all the parents out there - the toy Nate is holding is MY favorite toy. I bought it for ME. The boys love it too.

Nate is going through a phase where he poses and smiles for the camera. He looks so relaxed, resting his arm on Roxane's shoulder.

I like to think that this moment was something that Roxane has been dreaming about since the big ultrasound.. taking care of TWO grandsons. Alex pulled up on the kitchen chair to get some attention. Looks like it worked. That is also how he got his first fat lip on Saturday!

Alex talking to grandma. Or about to punch her in the face.

Seriously could Nate ham it up a little more? He is literally glowing from all the attention.

Grandma, Alex and Nate.


Mrs. Merriman said...

Such cute pictures and memories :D Glad all is well..

PaPa Turtle said...

The boys look great!!! They are growing up too fast!

AmberP said...

Oh I love love love those pictures... I know I am not family but I will come and visit! I will I will:) I want to smooch those little boys' cheeks!