Thursday, February 01, 2007

Everything... times two

Being a twin mom, I've come to accept that everything I do is doubled. When I pick the kids up from day care, it's putting on two jackets, two hats, buckling two harnesses in the stroller, buckling two car seats, handing out two toys. When I get them ready for bed, it's two sets of PJs, two overnight diapers, two bottles, two pacifiers for bed. Feeding them means setting up two high chairs, two bowls (ok actually we feed them straight from the jar, a big no no), two spoons - actually make that four spoons (two to eat, two to play), two bibs to wash, two faces and four hands to clean. Last week I signed the boys up for frequent flier numbers... that meant entering everything twice.

Every twin mom can also attest you get two smiles, two hugs, two laughs, and tons of fun. Never a dull moment in a twin household.

However this week is a new one for me - twice the jealousy. They are driving me batty with their jealousy, and there's nothing I can do because they are babies and they do not understand. As soon as I walk into day care, Nate smiles, kicks his legs and starts making his "I'm going to cry soon if you don't do what I want" noise until I pick him up. As soon as Alex sees me pick up Nate, he makes a beeline to climb on me for me to hold him. Of course I can't hold them both and get their jackets on, so the crying begins. When we get home, they cry if I hold them both at the same time (Nate doesn't want Alex to touch him!) or if I'm only holding one. I can't even sit on the floor to play with them without someone eventually crying.

With Jon gone, OH MY, I am going loco. Crying times two... again! I thought we were past the crying phase. They were both crying so much from jealousy that I finally had it, decided I was done trying to make them stop crying, and turned on Dora the Explorer. They played happily with toys while watching Dora without crying. No crying times two! I love you TV!

Jon's flying home tonight and I think that means a big glass of red wine for me... times two!


Beth said...

Enjoy that wine Laura! You deserve. I think God only gives twins/multiples to mommies who can handle it. I think I'd be a wreck! Enjoy the snow day.

AmberP said...

Two cups of wine - times two - that's really celebrating the duplicates in your life:) Do it!! Jon is on official snot duty so you're off the hook.

Today I was getting the kids into the van for preschool, of course having to get Marcus packed up too and was thinking..."Wow, three under three, what the beep was I thinking?!?!" hahaha...I guess that's the way things go.

I hope the boys get over their jealousy for your sake. They will learn quickly - but I bet they will always test you:)

Don't go loco Laura... I don't know what we would do without you!:)

AmberP said...

Oh and Laura I just wanted to see whether or not you were able to find out if you had MS 2003 SB Office on your many computers!? I hope so:)