Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Around the house

I love blogs for the same reasons I love documentaries and non-fiction books. You get a sneak peek into someone else's life and sometimes it can be so shockingly different than your own reality. The next non-fiction book on my list is "The Year of Yes" - for one year, a Manhattan woman looking for love decides to say yes to everyone who asks her on a date, including a woman, a homeless guy, and a "techno-geek." I can't wait to hear how the date with the techno-geek goes, those crazies are supposed to be hopeless!

Today be a voyeur into my life!

This is the baby food part of our pantry right after I restocked. Top shelf is grains and vegetables, bottom shelf is fruits, foods they have not tried, and miscellaneous (cereals, puffs, etc).

This is 6 weeks worth of formula - $375. Before you judge me for formula feeding, you should hear my breastfeeding story.

Our living room - two exersaucers, a jumperoo, a LeapFrog learning table, a LeapFrog band walker, two bins of toys, and a nice big blanket to protect the carpet from spit up.

Alex's favorite pasttime right now - crawling under the high chairs no matter where they are.


AmberP said...

1st off - NO judgement on forumla feeding. Are you freaking kidding me? (Way different language if I knew there were people out there judging you just so you know!) You have twins!! I know it's possible but I truly cannot imagine.

And yes, our pantries DO differ!! I love seeing into the life of a twin mom. Perhaps that was some of the draw coming to this blog in the first place. I cannot wait also, to never buy formula again. That's on top of the NEVER CHANGING ANOTHER DIAPER AGAIN!

Olena said...

Your living room looks very nice and neat and clean... I love it! Wish could say the same about mine, lol.

Formula and baby food - looks about right, lol. Gerber puffs are the best!(especially if they fall on the floor first). How about diapers and wipes?

Cathy said...

I love how organized your place is, especially the baby foods! I am an organizing FREAK lol! Congrats to you!! I bet you have been that way your whole life right?!

LauraC said...

Cathy - my mom has said since the day of the big ultrasound that I was given twins because I am so organized. I think our houseguests were afraid of some of our "systems" but it lets us pretend we are in control of something around here :)

Cathy said...

Oh Laura!! I love "systems" lol!! Maybe we can compare notes!!(and systems!!)