Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Is it a trick or a treat to cry?

We decided the boys should get to go out trick-or-treating, if only for a short period of time. We went to our neighbors' house (Ken and Debbie). While Debbie was trying to take a picture of the boys, her dog went crazy barking and Nate started crying pretty hard. Alex also got his big pre-cry frown so we took off.

We then went to our other neighbors house (Kathy and Martin). They went crazy with the decorations and they were having other neighborhood kids over for chili. This cracks me up as it was 75 degrees yesterday! They invited us in and as we stood showing off the babies, Alex got scared by all the costumes and activity and started crying. So we took off.

We missed the big trick-or-treater rush while putting the boys to bed but we did leave a big bowl of candy outside for the kids. I told Jon we must be in a nice neighborhood because I checked the bowl a couple of times and kids were only taking a few pieces.

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