Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Translating baby babble

Both Nate and Alex have warning sounds they make before they start really crying. It's like they are giving us fair warning that they are going to have a meltdown so we can respond. Alex has two warning sounds. One sounds like a pterodactyl (whaaaa) and the other sounds like he is saying "Uh oh." At night I usually give him 2-3 uh-ohs before going in.

Alex has had an upset stomach the last couple of days (yet another virus from day care) and has been waking up more frequently needing a diaper change. Last night at 9:15, Jon and I were laying in bed and we heard Alex talking to himself. No warning sounds, he was just laying in bed babbling as he has been the last few days. He finally started uh-ohing so I went in and he stank.

Alex went right back to sleep after a diaper change and Jon and I laid in bed giggling while translating Alex's babbling we had heard over the monitor.
"My eyes are watering from the smell."
"Open the door, it stinks in here."
"Hello! I pooped my pants. Is anyone out there?"

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