Friday, October 13, 2006

8 hours of sleep

Nate had a quick doctor appt this morning to check his ear infections. They are both gone despite his amazing ability to spit out medicine with force. The doctor was running 35 minutes late and it was past his naptime, so he was crying so hard she couldn't listen to his chest. I did manage to calm him down, but he let her know His Royal Highness does not like waiting! He weighs 17 lbs, right on target to triple his weight by 6 months. (For those that do not have children, that is twice the growth rate of an average baby.)

Jon flew in last night and got to take care of Nate overnight since I had both babies for two nights. Alex didn't wake up until 5AM, so I blissfully slept from 9 to 5. That is the longest stretch of sleep I've had in 5 months and it felt fantastic.

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Anonymous said...

Yayyyyy Laura - that must have felt like Heaven on earth sleeping for that long. I am so glad that you got that break. And yay for Jon taking care of Nate. That must also make for some good rest!!