Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The race is on

The boys are back at day care today. I will be anxious all day, waiting for a phone call to pick them up again.

Nate and Alex are currently in two races against each other. The first is a race to see who can laugh first. Alex gives a huge smile then kicks his feet in joy and gurgles. My money is on Nate since he is much more vocal and I've heard him laugh in his sleep.

They are also in a race to see who can suck on their thumb first. They each have a different technique. Alex sticks his thumb out and tries to put it in his mouth, missing every time. Nate shoves his entire fist in his mouth and tries to stick his thumb out. This is a hard race to call. Nate has the desire but Alex is tenacious. Whoever wins, I hope it's soon!

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