Saturday, August 19, 2006

Baby weight update

I took Alex to the pediatrician yesterday because he vomited again. Once again the pediatrician said to ride it out and they should get better soon. I wanted to scream "It's been 6 days peoples!!" but that is the exhaustion talking.

Both boys got weighed when they went to the doctor. Despite each of them losing weight because of the flu, Nate weighs 13lb, 4oz and Alex weighs 13lb, 1oz. Since the boys continue to grow twice as fast as an average baby, the doctor said not to worry.

My mom flew in last night for a weekend visit. It will be so nice to have a pair of helping hands in the house, particularly since the town of Cary found E. coli in the water system and the entire town is on a boil water notice. After this week, I feel like I can handle anything!

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