Friday, July 28, 2006


The topic of Wednesday's mom's group was music. They brought in a perky woman with a great voice who works at Kindermusik to run a music class with the babies. Needless to say, I was skeptical ahead of time but it turned out to be very fun.

Nate LUUUUUUUUVVVVED it. He laid on his back quietly for the longest time I've ever seen. Thinking it was a fluke, when we got home and he was fussing I sang "Wheels on a Bus" while playing with his arms and legs. He smiled and calmed down. Who knew?

Alex got overstimulated by the entire experience - too many different noises, different people, and too much going on. He's enjoying it a lot more at home. It's pretty surprising to me because I truly have a terrible voice.

Here's some double tummy time! Alex on the right (I can tell by the fat rolls).

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Lori said...

You do not have a bad singing voice! Keep singing mama!