Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Jon goes back to work and even the sky cries!

The babies are now 4 weeks old, which means that Jon had to go back to work today. Where did the 4 weeks go? Overall it was a pretty crap day. I started off the day falling down the last step while holding Nate. (I fell on my butt so everyone is ok!) It was raining all day and we finally checked the TV to find that 5.5 inches of rain fell. Water started pouring out of a light fixture in the living room. Nate taught Alex to cry when he wakes up, and Nate was fussy all day. Not to mention taking care of two babies was a lot easier with three people here full-time!

We had a professional photographer come to the house two weeks ago to take pictures of the tiny babies. I still haven’t gotten around to putting together an album but here’s one of our favorite pictures. We weren’t planning to be in it but Nate got fussy so I’m calming him down by getting him to suck on my finger. Alex is content to hang out leaning against me, a position I’ve found useful when they both need something at the same time.

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