Monday, February 06, 2006

Hopes for my babies

My friend Lori asked me if I thought the boys would be into sports and I said I will support them in whatever they want to pursue. However, some things would be more difficult to support than others. In particular, I hope my boys aren’t interested in:

* Hunting: doesn’t go well with the vegetarian lifestyle
* Professional wrestling: do I have to explain why?
* Heavy metal music: makes my head hurt
* Hockey: I don’t mind if they watch, but I would cringe every time they got checked. Not to mention the dental bills.

The only thing I will absolutely forbid my children to do is to become mimes. I really hate mimes. Just the thought of being forced to watch them practice smelling an imaginary flower makes me visibly wince.

PS Jon and I watched the Super Bowl last night and had nachos and radlers (half O’Douls, half Sprite). The radler was fantastic! I’m no longer dreaming of margaritas.

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ann said...

I think if any Austrians found out that you had a non-alcoholic radler, they would start believing in the death penalty. So I won't tell Christian :-)