Sunday, January 15, 2006


Before I started feeling the babies move, I really didn’t want to feel them moving, and particularly kicking. It has always reminded me of the Alien movies where the aliens are trying to get out. Since I can be a worrywart, feeling the babies move makes me feel better knowing they are ok. 20 weeks is the “cutoff” for miscarrying twins, so I still have another week before I can stop worrying.

Last night, I was lying in bed worrying about the fact that I haven’t been able to feel the babies moving in a couple of days. In my heart, I know they’re ok because I just saw them both on an ultrasound Thursday.

As I was lying there worrying, I felt what I thought was a very tiny punch in one side, but then it kept happening over and over and I realized that Alien was hiccupping! I thought about waking up Jon to tell him but since Alien can’t swallow a spoonful of sugar or hold his breath, I figured that moving around and talking would scare away his hiccups.

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